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Truck Accidents

Case Summary: Six Million Dollar Settlement for 90 Degree Rollover, Trucking Accident

The Perron Law Firm secured a six million dollar settlement, one of the largest settlements in Missouri, for a truck driver who lost control of his rig on a sharp curve. The cab of the truck was crushed when it rolled on to its side and the driver was permanently paralyzed. Expert engineers from the automotive industry were retained to explain how relatively simple improvements to the design would have increased the safety or 'crashworthiness' of the truck. In order to show that the additional safety features would have prevented the driver's injuries, a 'virtual' truck cab was created and subjected to numerous simulated crashes using sophisticated computer programs. Without the additional safety features, the virtual truck collapsed in on the driver exactly as it had done in real life. With the improvements, however, the cab of the truck withstood the impact and preserved a safety zone for the driver. In addition to showing that the safety features were practical and effective, Mr. Perron conducted discovery across the United States and in Europe to show that these same safety features were being used by other truck manufacturers and that the manufacturer of the vehicle in question had actually considered them. For more information on this case click the following link: Heavy Truck Crashworthiness from

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