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Defective Products

Case Summary

Sarai was 18 years old when her Ford Escort was struck by the driver of a pick-up truck who ran a red light. The impact hit Saraiís vehicle on the driverís side and she suffered a traumatic brain injury along with multiple abdominal and pelvic injuries. The Perron Law Firm filed a products liability lawsuit against Ford Motor Company alleging that the Escort was defectively designed. The driverís door was severely deformed. Almost everyone, including other attorneys who rejected the case, assumed Saraiís brain injury as caused by a blow to the head. Our lawyers presented evidence that the damage was done by internal bleeding in her abdomen when she was crushed by the driverís door. At trial, the Perron Law Firm presented evidence that the Escort could have been made ďstifferĒ along the driverís side by strengthening the component parts. This would have offered more resistance to the incoming pick-up truck and prevented the driverís door from separating from the B pillar which intruded into the car and caused Saraiís internal injuries. After several weeks of trial with testimony from many expert witnesses, Ford Motor Company agreed to a confidential settlement.

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